We are all happy! Sometimes, selection processes get complicated. Joining a job as a nurse in Ireland depends on several factors and we don’t always get what the candidates are looking for. In the case of Blanca Durán, we were able to arrange several job interviews that fit her work schedule and preferences and she got a permanent position at a Dublin Public Hospital that fit her into her work project in Ireland.

This is Blanca Durán’s experience with Jobs Agency FM:

«Hello, my name is Blanca and I will tell you about my experience with Jobs Agency FM. I was interested in going to work to Ireland but at first I did not plan to contact any agency. I wanted to try it on my own and I started NMBI registration. To tell you the truth, it was difficult to get everything and, in my despair, I contacted Jobs Agency FM. The staff was very kind to me. I was already at the end of the NMBI process and it was not worth to pay for their registration service but I can assure you that if I had known it at the beginning I would have allowed them to manage this process: the conditions they offer are very worthwhile. When I got the PIN number I contacted Jobs Agency FM to look for a job (a free service in the agency) and… what can I say? That I am very happy, they have always been aware of me and everything I have asked them they have solved it easily and quickly. I got a job in the second interview and they were always there for any questions I had to solve so I am delighted. Even so, I would like to say that there are many things that do not depend on them but on the people who have to provide you with the documentation, so the process is sometimes a bit desperate, but despite this, the agency is always there looking for solutions. I really recommend Jobs Agency FM because they are informed of everything and give you a lot of help. »