Marina Bermúdez got a job on a Nursing Home in Dublin through our webpage. Now she tells us how she did it.

¿When is an option appropriate?

Most of the time, for different motives, we close ourselves to job options that could be suitable for us. There are several reasons why people should choose a Nursing Home as a first option when they are looking for a job in England or, as Marina’s testimony, in Ireland.

The necessity of improving their English skills, the interest of joining the world market and the vocation to help towards the elderly, may be some of the causes that our candidates consider the option of choosing this type of centers to begin their foreign experience:

“My English at that moment was not good enough, but I wanted to go to Ireland at any price and work there as a nurse. I talked to some workmates and friends, and I decided that a Nursing Home was the ideal place to start at. JobsAgencyFM was the one that helped me fulfilling my aim. I was practically helped on each procedure; starting with the NMBI (necessary to work in Ireland), following by the pre interviewing advises until finally we apply for the job that I was looking for. And here is where I am, nowadays, working for a Nursing Home in Dublin and really happy that I did it. I want to express my gratitude to the company for the manners that I was treated with. Thank you very much!