“Since my first phone call to Nurses FM, now Jobs Agency FM, the treatment that has been given to me has been sincere, honest and trustworthy, they have helped me to make my goal possible, solving all my doubts, my thousands of emails and my phone calls for hours, always with laughter and eager to work.

In our case we were my partner and I, who wanted to change the country, from England to Ireland in this case, with specific requirements from the start. We had clear, the city, the hospital, the service where we wanted to work and the date we wanted to join. With only a week, before our disbelief, we organized the first interview with the hospital via Skype. From the agency they sent us advice, frequent questions … all to help us get through the interview without any inconvenience. That same afternoon we were told by FM Nurses that we had passed her. And there began the tide of papers … that awaited us.

Having been working in the UK as nurses, and being from Spain, the amount of paperwork having to justify everything, increased a lot. It was not just the PIN Number, the separate paperwork that the hospital requested, but also the experience in the UK, criminal, the mess of the move … At this point we were a little worried considering all the things we had to do within the short time we had. But from FM Nurses – Jobs Agency FM, they took us daily step by step to avoid overwhelming us, with advice on how to fill out the documentation, making sure everything is sent to them first, to save mistakes and delay in the process. What we undoubtedly needed. Since I do not think we could have done anything without their collaboration.

As of today, we are waiting for the Irish Collegiate Number. And ready for the adventure. We are eternally grateful to the team of Nurses FM – Jobs Agency FM, for all their help and advice of trust. For his honesty from the first moment and his close treatment. Patricia and Álvaro =) “