Register as a doctor in England

To practice as a doctor it is a pre-requisite to be registered as a doctor in the country of destination.

Once the medicine degree is already finished, and with the speciality completed, many doctors decide to go abroad to gain experience. UK is one of the most requested destinations when looking for a job. Futhermore, nowadays, there is a huge need in England for covering several vacancies at their health system, that is why they still keep looking out for foreigners doctors.

There are many, and interesting, employment opportunities at England. Moreover, doctors keep being highly demanded and valued. In order to work as a doctor in England, or any other country from United Kingdom, it is required to be registered and fulfill all the requirements and procedures.

Where you can do the registration for working as a doctor in UK?

You can make online the registration for working as a doctor in UK through GMC (General Medical Council): the request route depends on nationality, training, and professional experience. For registration, please click here.

Before starting the registation, is important to have the passport number and a debit/credit card for making the tax payment.

Steps in the application process

  1. Choose the plan according to nationality, degree and professional experience.
  2. Create an online account.
  3. Fulfill the request form and make the tax payment.
  4. Report online and postal documentation according to the application.
  5. Bring documentation at ID check (in-person appointment)

Once the online account is done, the GMC gives a time allowed of 3 months to report the application, if not, it expires and you must do it again. In case of having paid the tax, you would have to pay it again.

What documentation will I need to submit in order to successfully complete my registration?

Although the documentation to request depends on the registration route and on the nationality, training, or professional experience, in general terms, the following documents will be required:

  • Passport and photos.
  • EC rights: if you are not a citizen from EEA or Switzerland, it will be required to show these rights in case of having them.
  • Proof of english level.
  • University degree certificate.
  • Internship certificate, and speciality certificate in case of having it.
  • Professional Status/Good Standing certificate (no older than 3 months).
  • Evidence of registration.
  • Documents that prove professional experience.

The General Medical Council asks for legal translation of the requested documents that are not in english.

Do you want more information?
Leave us your email and we will send you the complete information of how making the registration.

Which level it is required in order to register as a doctor at the GMC?

  • Academic IELTS Certificate: the date should be from the last two years and the grade a 7.5 average, and at least 7 in each part (Writing/Listening/Reading/Speaking).
  • It will be required the original stamp and the test number for the register (it is used in order to validate the certificate).
  • In case of doing the PLAB test, it will be validated the day when the first part of the test is done.
  • If a registration with a license to practice is being made, it will be validated at then end of the application process.
  • Obtaining a UK Visa may not be accepted as evidence of English Skills.

Do I have to do the PLAB test?

There are several routes in the GMC to register as a doctor licensed to practice. It will be necessary to pass the PLAB TEST before requesting the registration with a license to practice if one of the following criteria is met:

  • If you are a citizen of a country outside the UK, European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland and have graduated from a University outside the UK or have English nationality but have graduated in a country outside the UK, EEA or Switzerland.
  • If you do not have EC rights.
  • If you do not have support under the provision approved by the GMC, a postgraduate qualification or you are not suitable for registration.

Candidates who have to pass the PLAB TEST must take into account that if any part of the test fails multiple times, the GMC may decide not to take into account subsequent registration requests.

From September 2017, candidates must pass the written and practical parts of the test in a maximum of four attempts. Any application for registration with a license to practice must be approved within two years after passing the test.

If one has the aptitude to request a registration with a license to exercise by another route that is not the one of the PLAB and nevertheless it is decided to make the test and it is failed, this failure will be taken into account in later records by other routes.

Due to the health crisis caused by COVID-19, this service is suspended until it can develop normally.


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