Work as a healthcare
professional in England

Radiographer, psychologists, physical therapists, dieticians, pharmacists, podiatrists and other healthcare professionals are highly demanded in the UK.

It’s becoming more usual to see professionals deciding to work in England. It is a country that offers great opportunities to grown professionally and has a high quality of life.

The requirements

In order to practice in England you must register with the Health and Care Professional Council. Once you’re registered you can start looking for a job and start doing interviews.

The professions that belong to the health sciences category are: biomedical, radiographer, radiotherapist, psychologist, physical therapist, occupational therapist, speech therapist, pharmacist, audiologist, clinical physiologist, dietitian and podiatrist.

Jobs Agency FM will assess your English level previously, as this is a fundamental requirement to work in England. It is very important that your level is adequate so you can communicate without difficulty in your job.

Having experience is not always necessary but will open doors to find a job that meets your needs. You must keep in mind that one of the documents that is required after passing the interview comes from referrals of your former jobs. Usually they request references for the last three years, so it is important to make sure that you can obtain those references, otherwise it is advisable not to add them to your resume.

This is the process

To schedule your interview we need to receive your updated resume in English. Once we have received your resume we will contact you for information about your interests so we can find the job that best suits your professional profile.

We will send your resume and we will schedule the interview for you. They are usually via Skype, unless you choose to do it in person. Once you have passed the interview we will help you with the documentation you will need to submit.

Our treatment is personalized, you can call us, send us emails and we will   beee in constant contact to make this process as quick as possible. You can count on our assistance and advice throughout the all process.

Job Offers

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We are experts

If you have made the decision to go to work to the UK but you do not know how to start the whole process, at Jobs Agency FM we will be happy to assist you on the job search and we will explain the whole information and documentation process step by step. We count on more than five years of experience in recruitment that will help us find a job that meets your expectations, taking into account your professional profile.

  • «I was interested in going to work to Ireland but at first I did not plan to contact any agency. I wanted to try it on my own and I started NMBI registration. To tell you the truth, it was difficult to get everything and, in my despair, I contacted Jobs Agency FM. The staff was very kind... what can I say? That I am very happy, they have always been aware of me and everything I have asked them they have solved it easily and quickly. I got a job in the second interview and they were always there for any questions I had to solve so I am delighted...the agency is always there, looking for solutionsI really recommend Jobs Agency FM because they are informed of everything and give you a lot of help. »

    Blanca Durán
    Blanca Durán Nurse in Public Hospital Dublin

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