Registration for Healthcare Professionals
In Ireland

To work as any healthcare professional it is required to be registered in the country of destination.

You must know that in order to work in Ireland in any of the following professions related to health is necessary to be registered in CORU and have your license number, registration or pin number.

Where I can register as a healthcare professional?

The official website to become a healthcare professional in Ireland is the Health & Social Care Professionals Council (CORU). To apply for registration you must access here.

Professions that have to register through the CORU

  • Dietitians.
  • Occupational Therapistsm, Psychologist.
  • Speech and Language Therapists.
  • Radiographers and Radiation Therapists.
  • Medical Scientists.
  • Social Workers.
  • Dispensing Opticians and Optometrists.
  • Physiotherapists.

What registration routes do I have to choose as an applicant?

There are two application routes for applicants:

  • For professionals (known as s.91 applicants).
  • For new graduates (known as s.38 applicants).

The Transitional Period covers the first two years after the opening of registration. More information about the transition period here.

New applicants with foreign qualifications must have qualifications recognized by CORU before being declared eligible to apply for registration.

Do you want more information?
Leave us your email and we will send you the complete information of how making the registration.

What steps are necessary to register at CORU?

It is an online registration and the application is made in three steps:


Gather necessary documentation.

Before making the online registration request you must obtain the following documents:

  • IDENTITY DOCUMENTS that show the identity
  • QUALIFICATION DOCUMENTS: university degree and legal translation or letter / certificate of validation of the title.


  • An eVetting invitation form completed and signed (there is a model).
  • Penalties from countries where you have lived more than a year with your legal translation into English (if you are in another language).
  • If you have worked, proof of employment form (model).
  • Two photographies.
  • Statutory Declaration sworn before a notay (model).

Prepare documents.

Before accessing the registry, prepare data that will be needed to complete the application.

  • Full name and address.
  • Email.
  • Mobile phone number (do not forget to include the prefix of the corresponding country).
  • PPS number.
  • Passport number.
  • Job details.
  • Determine which professional regulatory section we are requesting registration.
  • Information about the degree.

Complete application.

The online application can not be processed until CORU does not receive the required documents (deadline after 30 days).

What level of minimum English is required?

If you can not present a certificate of required level, you will have to take an academic level test and reach the required minimums

  • Radiotherapists and Radiographers must have an average of 7 in the Academic IELTS (with a minimum of 7 in each part of the test) or 100/120 in the TOEFL test.
  • Speech and language therapists must have an average of 8 in the Academic IELTS (with a minimum of 7.5 in each part of the test) or 118/120 in the TOEFL test.
  • Dietitians, Occupational Therapists, Social Workers, Opticians and Physiotherapists must have an average of 7 in the Academic IELTS (with a minimum of 6.5 in each part of the test) or 100/120 in the TOEFL test.


Payment of fees and renewal of registration in the CORU

Annual registration fees are 100€, according to the official registration page. We advise consulting the amount and dates of renewal in CORU to ensure that they have not changed.

Due to the health crisis caused by COVID-19, this service is suspended until it can develop normally.


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