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We are the agency you need to find professional staff

If you are looking for doctors, nurses or other healthcare professionals for your hospital, clinic or residential nursing home in UK or Ireland, Jobs Agency FM is the recruiting agency you are looking for.

Our many years of experience and the large number of professionals who have found work in England and Ireland thanks to us, support our professionalism and commitment.

Our service is ongoing: from the time the hospital contact us to ask for staff until the applicant joins the new job.

What do we do in Jobs Agency FM?

Jobs Agency FM is a recruitment company that places healthcare professionals. It is dedicated to meet the needs of both public and private hospitals in different countries. We recruit different professional backgrounds internationally: doctors, nurses, physical therapists, podiatrists, psychologists, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals.

Our offices are located in Spain and we have bilingual staff who speak both Spanish and English. We consider this factor as a major advantage to recruit Spanish doctors or nurses seeking work in the United Kingdom or Ireland, as they can be assit and guide them in their own language.

We offer our clients a complete service working with them very closely and listening to their needs. After several years of experience, we have positioned ourselves as leaders in the market of recruitment agencies in Spain.

Thanks to our personalized and individualized treatment towards our candidates, we can find the doctor or nurse who best suits your hospital needs and the position you want to cover.

How we work and what we can offer

Jobs Agency FM works in two directions, with hospitals and with the applicants. We deal with both independently, trying to offer a differentiated service that meets their expectations.

We treat the applicant that best fits your hospital in a very personalized way, because each person is different and has different needs. We assist and accompany them throughout the whole process:

  • Application for the professional registration of each country.
  • A first selection of candidates with an English test.
  • Scheduling and preparation of the interviews.
  • Coordination and collection of post-interview documents.
  • Ongoing advice on how to fil out the documents.
  • Resolution of doubts
  • Drug calculation exam via Skype.
  • References request.
  • Official Translation Service.
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We can help you to find the health professionals you are looking for

Jobs Agency FM is based in Navarra and has a team of professionals that take all the necessary steps to meet all your needs.

Our priority is that as a hospital, you can count on having the best nurses, doctors and other healthcare professionals in your team, in order to provide the best care for your patients.

Do not hesitate to contact us and let us know what your expectations are. We will schedule a face to face meeting and will offer you a personalized quote.

Once you accept our quote, you can start sending your vacancies so we can give them free distribution and advertisement to find the ideal candidate.