Work as a doctor in England

Spain is one of the countries of the European Union with most doctors, but the demand and the supply are not well-balanced. The amount of these professionals that decide to look for a professional future in the UK or other countries is progressively increasing.

In 2001, the Departments of Health of Spain and England signed a collaboration agreement for the recruitment of doctors. There are many professionals who have decided to settle down in the UK and achieve a successful career.

The requirements

These are the requirements to work as a doctor in England. Hospitals need proof that:

  • You are registered as a doctor in England.
  • You do not have any criminal records.
  • You have the recognized primary medical degree or postgraduate degree required.
  • You have the knowledge and the skills required for the position.
  • You have not been judged for malpractice.
  • You have the appropriate level of English: you can prove your level of English with IELTS Academic/OET Certificates and other king of evidences.

You can begin to work as a doctor recently graduated or in the process of obtaining the specialty. If this is your case, you will start as a junior doctor, this means that your salary will be a base salary.

This is the process

The first thing you need to do is sending us your updated resume in English and we will contact you to open up a tab with your process, explain you the steps involved and become familiar with your preferences.

Once we have received your resume, we will send it to the hospital and we will schedule an interview. The interview is the best time for you to discuss issues such as salary, accommodation etc. Once you pass the interview we will help you with the post interview documents and we will set up your starting date.

Job Offers

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We are experts

We have the best professional team with extensive experience in the sector. Thanks to them our company grows, improving every day. More and more doctors are choosing Jobs Agency FM as their agency to look for a new job.

We’ll help you to find the job that best suits your interests and help you to make you feel supported.

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