Try before the interview by videoconference

Do not make from your first interview your first practice. Practice with Skype before the interview with a friend or partner to learn how to work it properly. This way you will become familiar with Skype and will achieve the best possible performance. You’re going to have one interview only so you have to make sure not to make any mistakes.

Maintain eye contact with the interviewer at all times

The most important thing to remember is that the camera is on top of the computer, therefore you should look at the camera and not the screen. It is a mistake that people often make. Keep direct contact with the person who speaks to you. Do not sit too near the computer and check that the camera focuses well on your face. At the most, only your shoulders should be seen. It is also recommended that your computer is not too high but just a little higher, because looking down gives a bad impression.

In an interview via Skype it is very important to express what you’re saying with words. You don´t only have to think about your words, but also about your body language like gestures and expressions. For example: showing empathy when you talk about a patient with a severe case, or smiling when you talk about your passion for nursing. Be careful with gestures or nervous tics that you may have, and maintain a calm and positive appearance. Remember that biting your nails or touching your hair is not well seen in a job interview.

A good trick is having a pen in your hands to keep them occupied.

The best way to learn from your mistakes is by practicing with a friend beforehand so you can correct any problems or mistakes.

Get dressed properly for the occasion

Obviously you cannot do a job interview in pyjamas. Although only the upper part of your body will show, you should be presented with appropriate clothing.

If you are a woman avoid excessive makeup.

It is understandable to believe that wearing a suit in your room doing a Skype interview is not logical, but the presence is very important, wherever you are. Think that getting dressed properly demonstrates safety and reliability, plus the interviewer can imagine you in a professional manner. That brings you closer to the job. Clean your room before the interview, you should not have a pile of clothes on the chair.

Can I be wearing my favourite jeans or my lucky denim skirt? Of course, the interviewer should not be looking at the bottoms. But what if you are asked to get up and make adjustments like moving the computer or the site because there is not enough lighting?

Pay attention to the details

In an interview by Skype the small details count. Make sure that you have a good internet connection and that you are in a place with high speed Wi-Fi. If possible, have a cable connection that will give you better call quality. Don’t forget to charge your battery in case the computer charger stops working.

The first impression is very important. Therefore, your username must look professional rather than informal. The profile picture is the first thing that the interviewer sees, therefore an inappropriate picture can take away many points.

If your microphone is not heard properly, it is advisable buying a headset for listening to each other without problems. If you are doing the interview and it is not heard properly, avoid shouting, sometimes raising the voice a little bit and speak a little slower are enough. Sometimes the image goes slower than the voice so it is important that you hear clearly.

The environment

Do not do the interview in a noisy bar or in an area where children are screaming and playing. The phone often sounds unexpectedly, so turning it off or silencing it is recommended. A quiet environment is essential, if you do it in your room you can impress them hanging a title or a trophy you’ve gotten, but it should not look exaggerated or previously planned.

The interviewer should be able to see you correctly, so a proper light can present you in a closer way. The best light is the natural light, for example the light coming from the window. You can also use a task light to illuminate your face. Avoid standing right in front of a window or they will not see your face.

Before the interview, sit on the chair and look behind you. A cluttered environment can imply that your organizational skills are not good. It is better having a neutral environment that does not give too much information about your personal character. For example it is a good idea avoiding posters of singers or party photos with your friends that you may have on the table.

Social networks

It is increasingly common for companies or hospitals to visit your profiles on social networks, so we recommend not to hang compromising photos or pictures of you drinking heavily. Our advice entitles setting the privacy to make your profile visible only to your friends.