Work as a healthcare
professional in Ireland

Ireland is a country with a high demand for all healthcare professionals and there are currently vacancies for radiographers, psychologists, physical therapists, occupational therapists, dieticians, pharmacists, podiatrists, speech therapists and optometrists.

In matters of health, more and more specialists and professionals choose Ireland as a destination to grow professionally.

The requirements

In order to practice as a healthcare professional in Ireland it is required to be registered with the Health and Social Care Professionals Council. Once registered you can start doing interviews and get a job.

Pharmacists are regulated by PSI, the Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland.

If you are a newly graduated and you’re thinking about working in Ireland you should ensure that your English level is excellent. Postgraduate experience is not a mandatory requirement for finding a job but is seen as a positive point.

The level of English should be advanced since you should have the ability to perform your job efficiently and quickly. You must be able to communicate with your patients and they should be able to understand you as well.

This is the process

You can send us your updated resume in English. Once we receive it we’ll call you and we will explain you in detail the different possibilities that you have depending on your needs and your professional profile.

Once you select the job position that you want, we will send your resume and we will schedule you for an interview. Most of the hospitals usually accept doing the interview via Skype. Once you pass the interview, we will help you with the post-interview documentation and we will set you with a start date.

We will assist you in a professional and efficient manner, always working together to make this process as quick and easy as possible.

Job Offers

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We are experts

If you’ve already decided to go to Ireland to work, Jobs Agency FM will help you throughout the whole process, assisting you with every step. Our experience in the recruitment area certainly will be very useful.

Request information today without any obligation, we will help you with a free job search. We’ll find the job that best suits your needs, evaluating your professional profile.

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Tips for candidates

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