Work as a nurse in Spain

Nurses in Spain can work in both the Public and Private Health sectors. The job requirements vary according to the place of work. Jobs Agency FM can help you find a job in all types of private centres: nursing homes, clinics and hospitals. We will guide you through the process, from the interview until the day you start work.

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Current Healthcare situation in Spain

Nowadays, many Spanish people choose to take out private healthcare insurance for medical treatment. Thanks to this, private healthcare centres in Spain are able to use cutting-edge technologies that allow fast and accurate results and diagnoses and high-quality treatments. Private healthcare in Spain is unrivalled and meets international standards.

Many nurses from all over the world are interested in working in Spain and the chances of getting a job in the private sector are greater.

Jobs Agency FM offers information on the equivalency and recognition of degrees. We are also committed to helping our candidates find a job based on their training, experience and language skills.


In order to use our agency to apply for a job as a nurse in Spain, you must meet a series of requirements:

  • Have a degree in nursing, with a certificate of equivalency/recognition where applicable.
  • Certificate accrediting Level B2 Spanish.
  • Not have been suspended or disqualified because of bad practice.
  • Registered in the Professional Nursing Association in the area where you are going to work.

Many private healthcare centres require postgraduate experience, but newly qualified nurses also have good prospects in terms of finding a job in Spain. Once you have submitted your CV, we will contact you to find out more about your professional profile and prospects.

Work as a Nurse in Private Centres

Most nurses would like to work in the private sector. We’ve listed below some of the advantages of working in and numerous benefits for people who choose to work in the private healthcare sector in Spain:

Advantages of working in the Private Healthcare Sector in Spain

  • It is highly regarded socially.
  • The work is extremely variedand there are many opportunities for job progression.
  • Access to new technologies and research.
  • Good work/life balance and competitive salaries.
  • Possibility to relocate or change city.

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  • "When I started looking for a job in the UK, I did not know where to begin. I already had professional experience and I did not know how to do it so I did not have to start from scratch in this new country. "

    F. G.
    F. G. Registered Nurse at The Harley Street Clinic in London

Work as a Nurse in Nursing Homes

If you do not have clinical or hospital experience or you do not feel comfortable working in that type of environment, then your best option is to start working in a nursing home. The pace of work is slower, it is less stressful, there is not so much urgency and you will feel less pressure while you learn the language and get used to the routines. It is common for our nurses to spend the first months working in residences, gaining experience and mastering the language. Many move on to work in private clinics or hospitals but some decide to stay.

Advantages of working in nursing homes


Nursing homes look for committed and enthusiastic people, who get involved and are good team players. Your attitude in the job interview is fundamental. Jobs Agency FM will help you to prepare by offering recommendations and advice. You do not have to travel, you can do it from your own home at the time agreed, by phone or online (Skype). If the candidate can do a face-to-face interview and the client accepts, this meeting can be key to successfully passing the interview.


If you do not feel confident with your level of Spanish, nursing homes are a good place to work as you can learn and earn at the same time. In addition, as you will be learning in the workplace, you will quickly pick up medical language, which will greatly help you in your future career. The level of Spanish needed to work in a hospital is usually much higher than to work in a nursing home. Working in a hospital can be high-paced and many positions are highly stressful and have a lot of responsibility. This makes nursing homes a great option for people who want to learn technical language without the rush and pressure of a hospital or clinic environment. Unless you have the right level of Spanish, you will struggle to carry out all your responsibilities.

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Jobs Agency FM will guide you through everything you have to do. If your qualifications have already been recognised and you want to find a job, send us your CV so we can give you recommendations and advice on how to start going through the processes needed to work in Spain. Remember, this is a free service.

Keep in mind that you need to have your training recognised in order for us to help you find a job, but we can advise you on how to go about this.


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