If I had to talk about the beginning of Jobs Agency FM, without any shame I would humbly confess that this company was the result of chance:

My oldest daughter had finished her nursing degree and like many in her generation, she was without work and without many prospects of a stable future employment.

We began to consider other employment options like trying luck in the UK or another English speaking country. She did not know much English, so I started to help her a little with the paperwork, to look for accommodation, contacts … etc.

A little later, one of her friends came to me in the same circumstances and then another and gradually, the word that I was trying to help all of the, as if they were my own daughters got spread. And the truth is that this is the way I still see them, a mixture of tenderness and admiration for these young people who leave their families, friends, homes and cities in search of a job opportunity that would prove their value.

There was an idea that grew unstoppable inside of me: helping others and being part of such an important decision that would leave a mark in their lives forever. This thought made me become more and more excited about the idea of starting a small business that could give me the opportunity to offer a comprehensive service to these young people, help them with my experience and accompany them throughout the process from the beginning to the end.

I could not stop thinking how bad I felt with my daughter leaving home, with the thousands of doubts and concerns and I thought that like myself, many other mothers were probably in the same circumstances. I kept repeating myself that everything would have been much easier if a company had been accompanying my daughter throughout this long process, giving advice and assistance.

Me, Teresa, housewife, mother of six wonderful children and professional secretary, found a chance that turned into an opportunity.

The desire to help others

The enthusiasm I had and the enormous excitement of doing a job with passion, deluded me to the point of wanting to embark myself in this wonderful adventure.

Enfermeras FM was born, the original parent company that gave place to the newly born Jobs Agency FM in response to the growing request to extend it with new professions and countries.

So, I can say that we were born in my living room, for then “category up” and move to a table in my bedroom with a curtain to cover the bed when I had to do some videoconferencing. Now I smile, remembering my beginnings and not disown them, on the contrary, I like to remember how far we can go with honesty, dedication and hard work.

From the bedroom with a curtain we went to a garage converted into an office. I was there able to start my first hiring, wonderful people who have helped me grow and keep intact my enthusiasm for a job well done.

As you can see, the story of Jobs Agency FM is a mixture of chance, circumstances, passion, desire to help others, enthusiasm and excitement.

I love what I do and it is a job that gives me great satisfaction. I have a wonderful team and we work side by side to meet the needs of everyone who comes to us, looking for staff or for a job.

This is how I felt in love with this job. I would like to be an integral part of the team that will make you fall in love with yours. Believe that it would make you extremely happy.