My name is Cristina, I am 24 years old and I am from Cádiz. I am currently working as a nurse in England thanks to Enfermeras FM and I am super happy. I will tell you my experience.

A year ago I considered the idea of ​​going abroad to work and could not find work. I finished my studies three years ago and only had five months of experience as a nurse. So I started to realize most of jobs needed English, so in October 2012 I started teaching in order to have the B1. On March 2013 I started looking for jobs and it was here that I met FM Nurses. I found the website through google and I sent my CV. A few days later I received a call from Teresa (FM Nurses) to arrange to work as a nurse in  the UK, but it was to start in a week and I did not have the pin number, so I could not qualify for the position.

I spent some time thinking about what to do, whether or not to process the pin, had little doubt where to go to work, if England or Norway. I found another company very tempting offering jobs in Norway, winning Euro 4000 Euro 6000 but was asked by the Norwegian crash course in twelve months to pay EUR 500 started working, I do not trust much of it so I decided to go to England. Now I do not regret my decision at all, quite the contrary, I am delighted to be here. Back in May, I discovered FM nurses to work in England looking and were looking for me and that they handled the pin number, so I started to do all the paperwork for the pin. In the same month I received a call from England to a job interview in a residence and here I am today, I passed the interview and was sent the work contract.Despite having eight months studying English my level was low and still did not have the pin number, so I offered to start working as assistant and applied for the pin to start as a nurse and this also served to improve my English. Therefore, on June 20 I sent my documents to the NMC for my pin number and on June 22 I came to England. I arrived here on a Saturday and the following Wednesday was already working, me and my husband, they also gave him a position in doing maintenance not as a nurse. I have been working for two months as an assistant and Friday August 30 received my pin number (Only two months and one week it took me), so I started working as a nurse on Monday and I’m very happy.

In short, my experience with Nurses Fm has been very positive, I got my work very fast and my pin number in the stipulated time. In addition I also made the English course for nursing before I came and it was super good for me in terms of acquired knowledge and relationship with other nurses who were in the same situation as me. Besides all this, that I have any doubt my resolve and keep in touch. Really, I recommend it to everyone who is in the same situation as I was, uncertain whether it will be reliable or not, and the hard decision to go to a foreign country to work, leaving family and home. I wish you luck.