It’s never too late!

We can not always meet our goals when we com up with concrete things. However, if we learn to manage each moment and recognize when we can act, we have no limits. If your desires and illusions are real, sooner or later you will achieve your goals. In the case of Isabel, her final purpose of working as a nurse in Ireland has been fulfilled.

This is her experience with our agency:

“Hi all,

I would like to tell you about my experience with JobsAgency FM. I decided to start the procedures to work in Ireland as a nurse 3 years ago.

I met JobsAgency FM through social networks, and their attentive response encouraged me to move forward. They accompanied and advised me throughout the registration process in Ireland, and in a few months I obtained my NMBI PIN.

However, because of personal circumstances, I did not continue with the job search in Irish hospitals, although, JobsAgency kept me up to date with job offers in different hospitals in the country.

In February of this year, 2019, I responded to one of the offers that they sent and, as if it had not been almost 3 years since the last contact, the agency guided me through the entire selection process until signing the contract with the hospital (they review the contract conscientiously and make sure everything was as agreed). The documentation to be submitted is substantial, and virtually all the papers requested generate doubts. The agency helped me resolve that quickly, and it was my link to the hospital during the weeks the whole process lasted.

Nowadays, I am working in an Irish public hospital: the induction process is programmed seriously, facilitating me the linguistic immersion and in the hospital routine.

I will always be grateful to JobsAgency FM for making this experience possible. Thanks again!