Congress of  Royal College of Nursing held in Liverpool from May 13 to 17, 2017.

According to a survey conducted by the prestigious Nursing Times magazine, about half of the UK nursing staff plans to vote for the Labor party on 8 June.

Despite the apparent lack of support that Prime Minister, Theresa May, seems to have on the part of the UK nursing staff, she decided not to attend the recent conference of the Royal College of Nursing held in Liverpool between 13 and 17 May, 2017. In this way, she denied many assistants the opportunity to ask her for the latest wage cuts, the staff shortages and the lack of improvements in working conditions within the national health system.

In spite of measures that May commits to carry out in work environment if she comes stronger after the elections, her absence in the Congress was understood by health sector like a lack of respect towards its profession.

Her promises of raising the minimum wage, increasing workers’ representation in corporate governing bodies, or improvement measures for working mothers pass by public health and obviate the precarious situation of nurses.

However, Labour Party leader, Jeremy Corbyn, took advantage of Congress and he recognized the lack of resources of the British National Health Service (NHS). In a responsible act or in an attempt to attract voters, Corbyn promised the investment of some billions in health care system and personalized on nursing staff by telling them that money would be raised and that other measures should be taken to prevent UK public health collapse. Is this the reason why a massive vote of health workers in favor of Labour Party is expected next June elections? The results are coming. At the moment, there are promises of improvements.

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